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Beautiful Alembics

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Jason Newsted

Elan 5:

Alembic is making me an almost 100% replica of this bass (JPJ setup) ETA: September/December '09
Click here



3 x volume,
Filter + Q switch

My replica will have:

3 x Filter + Q switch,
Pan for the J pickups,
On/off switch for the P pickup 

Same bass, converted to Series II:



Europa 5, Series II:


Europa 6 string, Series II:

Europa 10 string, Series II:

Persuader JJ:

Spoiler (?) Series II:

I think this could be the Persuader JJ converted to Series II



Second Spoiler (slightly different bodyshape) :

Alembic Exploiter:

(un)official (?) Alembic Jason newsted model:

(JN in the serial number)

Here for sale: tcgakki.com


Here for sale: tcgakki.com

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